Z House

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Z House.

5000 Euros needed to finish the house!

Hi there. After a few busy months of battling against the elements, the old leaky roof’s been taken down and the flimsy living room part of the building has been demolished  and replaced with a sturdy metal frame. My future house has now been reinforced with concrete columns and the construction of a new roof has began. Following the age-old tradition of running out of cash exactly at the wrong time, I am now stuck with a bare structure and no actual home. According to my latest estimate I’m going to need an extra 5000 euros to finish the roof, put new windows in, sort out the floors and ceilings and make all the necessary arrangements for my disability!
Once finished the house will provide not only a home suitable for doing wheelies in my spaz chariot but also a perfect base for making more Moontwin & Zac Kuzmanov tracks & videos! Plus an awesome HQ for XRaydio!

Update – Nov 4th!

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Zac Kuzmanov – Party Alone 
Video – Mitch Brezounek

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Z House

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